A Growing Passion



It always starts small. One car ride, one flight, and one breath of freedom all begins but there is no ending to it. Everything starts with a dream, but a dream is only a dream if not made true.

It takes lots of guts to go beyond the threshold of comfort into the unknown.

That is a little inspiration that got me following my dream. The start isn’t always easy, in fact it is very freighting, but my dreams are always bigger than my fears and obstacles. Some dreams are realistic and some are not, yet that doesn’t stop me from attempting to reach them.

One of my biggest dreams is to travel full time. No, I don’t want to travel like many Instagram travel influencers. I do not want to stay in luxurious hotels and resorts nor do I want to do anything touristy. Instead my goal is to travel in simplicity whether its in economy class flight, Airbnb, or a tent. I want to explore all of the place where I will travel to; all the places that are known to the locals and that are least likely to be seen by first time travelers and tourists.

This is my goal:
To see as much of the world as I can before applying to medical school.
To see the places I am traveling to in a different perspective than typically known.
To share as much as possible with those around me who have the same passions.

Though my dream isn’t fully made real, but everything takes hard work, time, and dedication. So meanwhile, I will be taking Dusty (my car) around my home state before I could travel abroad, working full time and going to college for my biology degree. By the way I live in California, for those who don’t know and I have seen about a quarter of the state because it is huge.

There is still so much to see and experience. So stay tuned for more.

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