All starts with a dream



Just like anything in life my journey starts with a dream, I call it a realization. I am a full time student, with a full time job, and a busy schedule. All I ever knew was to study and work; and I was satisfied where I was. Yet there comes a time in the lives of most people where being satisfied is nothing when you taste happiness. My eye opening came when I started to take a different route home every evening from work. Every time I came home I felt fulfilled and full of joy. After pondering on what was different than my normal schedule, I came to realize that every time I discovered something new and met someone along the way I would be happy.

After this realization, I began to question my life with “what ifs”. What if I have a different meaning and a different life than the one I know?

My first step was to apply for a passport. I am a citizen of United States of America but I didn’t have a passport since I never went outside of the country by myself. I took an application online, filled it out, and brought it to an office where I stood in line for 3 hours before it was my turn to go in. With all of my documents I was approved and was beyond excited when my payment was accepted for a new passport. After a month I got a brand new shiny blue passport in the mail and began to plan my trips for upcoming year.

I wish I could just book a trip and go, but I have a perfectionist mind meaning that I extensively research different places and things to do that it takes longer than just going. I would spend a month looking through flights and hotels to find a best deal. What ends up happening is that I find the cheapest flight and finding a host from Couchsurfing is a site where you find a host from the place you are planning to go and stay for free there. It is the best app/site for me who has a budget.

Before I go I check to see where my dream is leading me and what the dream place has to offer me to explore. Even after all the research I always find myself doing something spontaneous besides what I planned to do. I always end up choosing anything outdoors either its surfing, hiking or sailing.  I have an obsession with nature -mostly water- and architectures so those attract me the most if I am planning to do something. I forgot to mention that anything that gives thrills will have my name signed underneath it.

I have ten years before my passport expires therefore I have ten years to fill twenty-eight pages with stamps of places where I could go. I have ten years to make my dreams come true by traveling to the places I cannot stop thinking about. Sometimes I will be alone and sometimes I will have my friends and sisters to join me. But the most of all I will just go to make my dreams become a reality.

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