My Winter Bucketlist

Woman holding winter cup close up on light background. Woman han

Winter is always my favorite time of the year. First of all its my birthday season and than Christmas falls around the same time. Also college is out for a month which gives me a lot of time to spend time with my family and those that are close to my heart. Its a time for joy and a lot of free time that I don’t know what to do with.

What I love about winter is all the hot coco, scarves, and the cold. Christmas is always amazing because it revolves around family and celebrating the reason why we have the holiday.

Since I have some time this year for myself I am planning to go travel abroad besides being in the amazing country I live in.

So my bucket list is

  • Jamaica for my birthday with my friend
  • Shasta camping trip with my brother
  • Cabin retreat with my girlfriends
  • Skiing with my guy friends
  • Reno Nevada with my brother and Douglas (my great dane pup, he’s five months right now)

Instagram will always be updated with pictures trust me.

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