How to Have an Epic Roadtrip

 Road trips are my favorite kind of trips. There is something about being anxious in a car and full of anticipation for the destination. Yet it isn’t about the destination, but rather that journey itself that makes the trip memorable.

Whether alone or with a group a road trip still has the potential to be exciting. I will share some of the tips that I found helpful while being on a road trip. Feel free to use the advice and I encourage you to find something that works for yourself because each person is unique in their own way.


Pick a Destination
Though a road trip is all about the journey itself, yet choosing a destination will keep you on your heels anticipating the arrival and not dreading the thought to go back to where you started. Find something that interests you and based on that pick a destination where you want to go. If you are a beach bum choose a beach but also with a lot of other things besides the beach to enjoy there so the trip is worthwhile. If you are a hiker find an epic trail to backpack across, even if it takes more than one day you might also end up camping.

Choose your Transportation
If you have your own transportation, great, you are all set just make sure it is safe and good to go. If it is a car make sure you have registration, license and all the good things to it to avoid being stopped by authorities and please follow the laws for the safety of others. If you do not have a car don’t you worry, reach out to anyone who does and make friends with them, but be aware you’ll have to pitch in and help out with the gas money. There are many other options such as buses and trains, you’ll have to look into locally. I personally love the buses they are cheaper but do take longer.


Make a Playlist of Songs
Okay, this is if you do not want to be bored and/ or you have nothing to talk about with someone you are going with. Music always lightens up the atmosphere. My advice is to pick upbeat tunes especially if you know you will be tired. If you are going with someone choose songs that both of you might know, my advice for this case is to choose modern instrumental beats you could never go wrong with those. My playlists consist of pop instrumental, classic rock, and techno. Oh, also my best advice is to use Spotify, as a student, it is 5 dollars a month to create your own playlist as well as play it offline so you don’t use the phone data. But also you can never go wrong with radio especially if you are saving money. If you are on a public transportation be courteous and listen with headphones on.

Make Stops Along the Way
Everyone needs a break especially from sitting in the same spot for a long while. Before you start the journey check out what is on the way there and make stops to debrief and explore along the way. Go for food that’s always your best bet, but don’t overeat. Find a town or a city along the way to stop and enjoy the place as much as possible and clear your mind.


Go Slow and Enjoy the Journey
It is all about the journey to the destination that holds many memories. From all my travels using my car, the most fun I had was the road trip itself. It is a perfect way to enjoy some solitude if you are alone and if in a group it is the best way to bond with those around you. If you are with people you learn more about them and if alone you learn more about yourself and there is no one to judge you. Sometimes you go according to the plan and other times you make spontaneous decisions along the way. Take it slow enjoy the scenery, stop if you need a break and just have fun.

I hope that this gives you some ideas. I pray you will enjoy the journey you have in mind. Do not hesitate to reach out, I love meeting new people.


With lots of love,

❤ Tanya Hope ❤

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